4 therapy on the fly…

My Friend December 15, 2014

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I was walking down the hall of my office and I noticed this really warm and somewhat fuzzy feeling encircling my chest. I was humming to myself and jigging a little as I walked and thinking to myself in that way that we don’t actually think something but just become of aware of where we are. I realized that I had been having a really good time with the person I had been hanging out with the last couple of nights. Hmm who was that? At that the same time I realized that I was really enjoying going home to this person and looking forward to it later that night. Normally it would have been my partner whom I feel similarly about returning to when I have been away. But that wasn’t the person. Then I realized and I jumped a little, feeling a bit perplexed, that the someone was me. Wow, it’s been a long journey but that someone was finally me.


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