4 therapy on the fly…

About April 7, 2008

Hey Everyone,

This is Cori.  I am a psychotherapist, living and working in our fair city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  I have been in Private Practice for 14 years.  I am writing this blog, Psychobabble4u, to provide therapy on the fly.  For those of you who are interested in receiving little tidbits of therapy for your week, do not know a lot about therapy, or are too stressed, broke or skeptical about therapy to get some.  I hope you enjoy this blog and please let me know if there are topics that you would like me to cover.  I welcome all feedback.

If you have any questions about therapy, are interested in therapy or just have a more private thought or question that you would like to share with me I can also be reached at .

Psychobabble4u  signing off…:)

**This is not and can never be a replacement for therapy


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